Our Customers

Rami and his team are very experienced in truck repairs, they were able to solve my problem after taking my truck to many places where they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. They are really professional and efficient! I wish I had found them sooner!

Sahil Singh

I’m very thankful of these guys! I came in early in the morning to get my truck fixed because I had problems with my injectors. I came and they were really busy, but despite that, they were still able to receive my truck and fix it for the next day! I had to get back on the road and I don’t know what I would’ve done without them!

I&J Trucking

My truck company has been coming to Rami’s over the years, I can just say that no other truck repairs can compare to how much I trust Rami and his technicians. I know that if anything comes up with any of my trucks S&D Fayad is the first place I take them to.

Sahara Logistics

Great work! good price every time I come, I appreciate the work you guys do!

ITS Trucking

I came as a recommendation from one of my friends, the staff was courteous and friendly, I immediately felt confident that the head mechanic would be able to fix my truck,he was knowledgeable and they gave me updates on how the work was going, hadn’t had any problems with my truck since then.

HWH Transportation

Rami and his team always take excellent care of us every time I bring any of my trucks. They fix quickly and give me updates if they need to change any parts and an estimate of how much I’m gonna need to spend. They are very honest and competent, 5 stars!

RANOKX Logistics